Some photos from this afternoon’s class. Thanks to everyone who participated and to Goodness Me Guelph for allowing us to use their classroom.

The dairy-free cheeses we learned to make were pretty tasty… and OMG rice paper bacon!!!

At this point the classes we’re offering over the next month in Burlington, Waterloo and Guelph are full. Visit our event page if you’d like to be added to the waiting list.

Instructors Katie, Tricia and Chris of Vegfest Guelph

Dill harvarti in progress.

Thickening agents lactic acid and kappa carrageenan, available from

Dill havarti transferred to a glass container, then refrigerated for several hours.

Dill havarti ready to be cut and served.

Samples of havarti for participants.

Sample time!

Cashew-based extra sharp cheddar underway. This is a raw cheese – no cooking required.

Extra sharp cheddar cheese balls – one rolled in walnuts, the other in sliced almonds.

Cheese sauce – the colour deepens as it cooks.

Macaroni and cheese!

Making cashew-based sour cream in a high speed blender. So quick and and easy, and so tasty.

Sour cream, salsa and corn chips.

More samples!

Mediterranean herbed feta. It was processed until smooth, then refrigerated and crumbled.

Making rice paper bacon.

Rice paper bacon sizzling in the oven.

Ready-to-eat rice paper bacon.

We used the feta and rice paper bacon on pizza, and served it to participants.

Tasty vegan pizza topped with feta, rice paper bacon, veggies and pineapple.

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