Vegfest Guelph is an annual festival that promotes animal-friendly, vegan living in a fun and welcoming setting. In September 2016, our Vegfest drew close to 7,000 attendees from all across Southern Ontario!

Part of Vegfest Guelph’s regular venue, Goldie Mill Park, will be under repair and is closed to all events throughout the 2017 season. As such, we are currently in the process of planning an alternative spring retail event that will showcase a broad range of vegan goods and food products. Basically, all vegan everything! Details to be announced very soon.

Our cooking class series is already underway. It’s generated so much interest that, thanks to Friend of Vegfest Sponsor Goodness Me, we will also be offering it in other cities including Burlington, Waterloo and Mississauga, in addition to Guelph! Stay tuned for more class announcements and other upcoming events including vegan bake sales and a movie night.

We will also be at Hamilton Veggie Fest (on May 6) and Niagara Vegfest (on June 4) selling our popular t-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons).

Our plans for 2018 are still in development. In the meantime, we are excited to continue to organize other opportunities that celebrate the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and to promote compassionate, sustainable and healthy living – for the animals, for the planet, for us all!

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