water wagon

City of Guelph Water Wagon – ‘Bring. Fill. Drink!’ (photo courtesy of City of Guelph)

Being a vegan festival we’re already significantly ‘green’, but we want to do even better by reducing the amount of waste produced at the festival. 

We ask that you do the following:

Bring reusable dishware and cutlery

You’ll find a dish-rinsing station with soap and scrub brushes just inside the back entrance of the Guelph Youth Music Centre. 

If you’re interested in purchasing reusable sporks and plates, made from 100% recycled plastic, we’ll have a limited supply available at our Merch Table.

Bring your own water bottle

Fill it at the City of Guelph Water Wagon and drink up! Bottled water will not be sold at the Festival.

Dispose of waste properly 

There will be three recycling stations situated throughout the festival, monitored by volunteers. If you’re not sure what goes where, just ask!

Thank you!!! 

We really appreciate your help in this regard.  🙂 

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