Vegfest Guelph team members Chris, Katie and Meredith

Thanks for supporting a great cause!

Huge thanks to and from our Vegfest Guelph crew, to all the bakers who created so many wonderful baked goods, and to everyone who came out to take part in our participation in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. Sales were very brisk and we completely sold out of everything!

We are happy to announce that $500 will be donated to Animal Justice Canada to support the great work that they are doing on so many fronts to help our legal system do a better job of protecting the rights and well-being of non-human animals.

The wonderful baked goods

Miniature brownies topped with coconut whip and fresh raspberries made by Dorota of TRYvegan

Blueberry scones

Cinnamon buns

Donuts made by Lucia of Lucia’s Vegan Catering

Chocolate chip bars

Lemon curd triangles

Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate chip cookies

Cheddar chive scones

Chocolate macaroons

Orange apricot chocolate chip scones

Cheddar dill biscuits

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